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 Abi/Sam. :)

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PostSubject: Abi/Sam. :)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:03 am

I shall start with Samantha first. I'm 14 (often mistaken for 17+) I don't exactly know what grade i'm in, so ignore that for now. I'm pretty much a vampire (staying up until 6 or later every night), I play guitar (I own 3 ;D) and stay up all night. I love reading and taking pictures, one of my main hobbies is writing. I'm super awkward but always here for people's problems. Yeah i'll get inappropriate quickly. xD I'm not like others my age, i'm actually the smarter of the generation. So you can talk to me about everything, I'm not some little 'kid'. I hate when people overlook me for age, when they wouldn't have if they'd never known it. I love gaming too ;3 especially zombies. (Resident Evil, Black ops.. etc.)
Anyway Very Happy I like to stay on the bright side of things. I'm a big rock fan and some 80's because of my mom >_> Any questions, ask. I'm completely open to everyone. :3

Le Abi:
I'm 17 year old girl who's very famous for singing and modeling around Starlight Shores. I've lived here all of my life with my brother and two sisters. My best friends are Maya Augustine and Kat Whitlow. I play piano and i'm the lead singer of a band which has no name yet. Others in the band are Kat, Essie and Shane. Smile Any questions ask!
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Honey Drop

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PostSubject: Welcome   Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:01 am

Hi Abi!

Just a very quick Honey welcome to Pixels and Playthings. I hope your time with us here is a good one and that you enjoy yourself fully. If you find that you have any questions/problems don't hesitate to ask and me and I will help where possible.

Please don't forget to read, respect and follow our Rules, which you can find here; The Rules

Other than that, just have fun Smile

Honey! Like a Star @ heaven
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Abi/Sam. :)
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